Hickory Home Barbecue

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The newest restaurant in Fairview. My family went and tried it last weekend. Around the past year (don't quote me on exacts), they have been building onto the Jingo Market this restaurant. A lot of new restaurants in Fairview went belly-up pretty quickly recently, hopefully this one doesn't (good sign, they actually have a large SIGN on the road!) so at least people see them when they past by. So many restaurants in Fairview seem to think that people will magically just come without any sign on their establishment.

First off, the staff was very very friendly and I can tell the staff is trying very hard. I had the BBQ and it was pretty good (I am a BBQ snob, so pretty good is a good thing). The chicken my wife had was very nice. The sides was good (the potato salad was excellent). Overall, good food. The dining room was clean and pretty. Leans on the loud side and slightly fast foody but I expect that for a family BBQ place. The pecan cobbler was excellent. Prices was very fair for what you get.

Overall, a very nice addition to Fairview and I want this one to stay around!

2276 Fairview Blvd., Fairview, TN, 37062
(615) 799-025