Sumatra Toba Batak Peaberry -from Sweet Marias Sept 2012


Strong notes, but slightly woody even at dark roasts



Roast Level: 

Full City + (don't go lighter)

I got this coffee from Sweet Maria's back in September 2012. I recall it was one of the 1st roasts I did with my new drum roaster and I also recall I didn't like it much. I believe because it was very woody. I roasted it this past weekend, and I don't hate it as much as I recall. I have gotten a lot better at using my Behmor 1600 and got the roast right before 2nd crack. After 48 hrs of rest. I can say it is definitely an interesting coffee. Full of notes. The "pungent glove" that Sweet Maria's commented on is definitely dominate. As is it's rustic sweetness. It's mouth-feel is light, but heavy enough for my satisfaction. You can get the hint of molasses and cinnamon. But even at this dark roast, I also get a hint of woodiness and that spoils it for me.
It is interesting to drink, but It isn't something I would go after to get again.